Digital Technology

Experience the new-age commodity trading with digital technology

Origo has always been known for solid back-end support. We believe in consistently refining our processes to stakeholders’ expectations and enhancing the profitability quotient of our agri-value chain. Combined with its nationwide presence and excellent warehouse network, Origo has taken agri-finance to the next level by integrating its processes with the latest technologies.

Intending to make the front-end equally robust, Origo offers a digital experience for its customers for better transparency, higher security and transactional convenience. We have integrated our systems with blockchain technology that offers the next level agri-trading experience on a digital platform, the first of its kind in India. This blockchain based multi-agency platform provides the benefit of distributed ledger technology that effectively stores data and provides real-time information including details on inventory, commodity, collateral prices, performance of receivables, etc. The process not only makes transactions more transparent, but also eliminates time consuming reconciliations, ensures lower transaction costs and improves traceability.

Go digital with Origo and experience the benefits of:

  • Blockchain-based Trade Finance Platform
  • Mobile and Web App driven Warehouse Management
  • IoT Solutions for Warehouse Operations
  • CCTV Monitored Warehouses
  • Electronically Networked Auctioning Marketplace
  • Payment Settlement and Multi-channel customer support including Email, SMS and WhatsApp
We also offer an e-auction platform, allowing both forward (sale) and reverse auctions (purchase) to benefit sellers and buyers. This prominent feature bridges geographical barriers and strengthens price discovery mechanisms by broadening the buyer-seller network, thereby effectively bridging the supply and demand mismatch. The platform facilitates direct participation from farmers and farmer producer organizations (FPOs) and plays a pivotal role in increasing efficiency through disintermediation. This not only improves income for the farming community but also ensures the timely availability of produce for consumers. Further, it also reduces post-harvest losses, adding to the nation’s food security and reducing harmful emissions.

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