Making Indian Agriculture Future-Ready

Efficient. Secure. Sustainable

Redefining commodity trading and agri-financing

We enhance liquidity in the agri value chain by promoting best price discovery for all participants, and ensure safe and scientific storage of commodities. Our commodity finance structures also provide an opportunity for lenders and investors to create more liquidity in the agri ecosystem.

Creating a sustainable ecosystem

We work with a holistic approach. From helping rural communities to climate change mitigation, Origo is contributing to various Sustainable Development Goals. Our efforts have ensured food security for more than 1 million people and reduced 2.3 mega tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Making supply chain more efficient and reliable

We constantly strive to make the best use of knowledge and technology to enhance efficiency in the post-harvest ecosystem in Indian agriculture. We are transforming traditional post-harvest management and agri-marketing through a robust fintech model.

Security and convenience through digital interface

Our best-in-class digital technology solutions include a block-chain enabled trade finance platform, IoT-enabled warehousing solutions with digital moisture meters and CCTV monitoring and a web/mobile-enabled electronic auction marketplace for procurement and sale of agri-commodities.

Extensive presence across India

We operate across India to offer the largest base of buyers and suppliers under a single roof. Our robust network ensures prompt and timely delivery of quality produce.

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