Agri-Commodity Warehousing

One of the strong focus areas of Origo’s operations is to mitigate commodity wastage by providing quality storage services. Scientific warehousing practices play a crucial role in controlling post-harvest losses.

Post-harvest losses severely impact food security and are also detrimental to the environment, which highlights the need for scientific and high quality warehousing.

Origo aims to provide best-in-class storage facilities to control losses, avoid distress sale, ensure quality retention, thereby contributing to food security.

What we offer

Professional Warehousing

We provide impeccable storage services for selected commodities. Our experienced and competent team is well-versed with quality warehousing process and scientific storage techniques. We manage a strong network of warehouses across the country and have facilitated storage of more than 2.5 million tonnes of agri-commodities.

Considering an average wastage reduction of 10%, Origo’s warehouses have saved over 3 million tonnes of commodity to date.

Key features:

Advanced Storage Techniques and CCTV monitoring

Our scientific and modern storage practices ensure negligible wastage and highest quality retention.

Scientific Quality Monitoring with IoT Enabled Digital Moisture Meters

Our team conducts regular quality checks, ensures adherence to SOPs and scientific storage methodologies.

Risk Mitigation

Our timely audits powered by mobile-App based scheduling and tracking ensure compliance with procedures. We also provide added insurance protection from natural calamities, accidents, burglary, etc.

Origo collaborates with governments across multiple states and provides efficient warehouse support under the Public Distribution System (PDS). Under the PDS, food grains are made available (at subsidized rates) to the underprivileged section of society.

Origo currently manages 5% of the total PDS stock.

Exchange Services

Origo is an accredited warehouse service provider by MCX, under which it provides storage services for exchange deliverable commodities.

We ensure:

  • Strict adherence to exchange guidelines
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Dedicated manpower
  • Access to real-time data
  • Helpline service

Collateral Management

Origo endeavours to facilitate better price realization for farmers and traders without giving in to the pressure of distress selling.

Our collateral management services transform commodities into valid collateral for accessing credit support. This gives the benefit of immediate liquidity to agri-producers and traders.

Besides quality warehousing, Origo’s collateral management services include:

  • Quality and quantity certification
  • Quality control and safety
  • Effective stock management
  • Liquidation of stock

For financial institutions, we provide loan security with commodities as collateral. Besides risk management and professional collateral management, financial institutions also get an advantage of expanding their market reach, enabling them to increase their agri-portfolio.

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