Origo is India’s leading Agri-tech Company providing top-notch commodity trade facilitation services. We provide access to the largest network of agri-commodity sellers, buyers, lenders and warehouses across the country. Our services are availed by leading private, corporate and retail clients as well as public sector organizations.

With Origo, you get the best of Trade Finance, Warehousing Facility and Commodity Procurement Services, backed by scientific knowledge and the latest technology.

Here are the services we offer.

Trade Facilitation

TradeFi, Origo’s trade facilitation platform, gets the best value for buyers, suppliers, and lenders. TradeFi ensures higher profit margins for producers by connecting them directly with buyers. At the same time, buyers can save a great deal of time and cost with ensured supply and off-balance sheet financing solutions, improving their cash flows. Buyers can purchase commodity with only 20%, hence increasing their capacity to purchase.

Agri-Commodity Warehousing

We understand that lack of quality storage may cause significant losses to you as well as lead to food and resource wastage, and have an adverse impact on climate. Origo’s modern and scientific storage practices curb losses up to 10% and retain the produce in the best form and quality. We offer warehousing facilities across India. Access our warehousing network across 12 states and simplify your stocking requirements.


With digital E-Auction, Origo ensures cost-efficient procurement and sale of agri commodities across the country while meeting price expectations and quality criteria. Origo’s digital auction platform brings together a wide network of buyers and suppliers in the agri-commodities space. Our unique proposition to custom-defined trade auction and settlement terms ensures quick turnaround and faster payment. Through Origo’s auction solution, you can significantly reduce supply chain costs and secure faster deliveries and supplies.

Procurement Finance

ProFin, Origo’s procurement finance service is a unique combination of commodity procurement and trade credit. ProFin provides a dual advantage to the buyer – higher procurement volumes and a credit period for a convenient bill clearance window. On the other hand, payments are released to the suppliers on behalf of the buyers. With ProFin, the procurement volumes for buyers are high and the prices relatively lower, suppliers receive the benefit of immediate payment against their sales. The service provides a win-win situation for both parties with seamless cash management even during peak seasons.

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