About Us

Company profile

Origo Commodities is one of the leading Agri Fin-Tech companies focused on Commodity Supply Chain, Trade & Finance.

Established in 2011, Origo Commodities is an end-to-end service provider in the post-harvest management segment. The Company provides a strong platform for all stakeholders, thereby ensuring smooth commodity business, leading to robust agricultural economy and sustainable development.

Origo has its presence in 12 states across the country and a team of more than 1,100 professionals.


Our vision is to transform the fragmented commodity supply chain into an integrated and efficient ecosystem by providing reliable solutions and create value in an inclusive and sustainable manner for all participants, from the primary producer to the end consumer.


Our mission is to offer a comprehensive agri-commodity trade facilitation solution that mitigates risks, minimizes wastage and adds value at every stage in the post-harvest supply chain. We offer tech-enabled, multi-stakeholder platforms for inclusive modern markets that promote secure trade. We strive to ensure high security and total transparency by using the best technology, adhering to best practices and having zero tolerance for unethical practices.

Our values


Act with honesty and honour without compromising the truth in relationships.

Ethical & Responsible Business

Practice good governance by upholding our code of conduct and ethical standards, and promote transparency and responsible decision making

Value to Customers

Strive to create a customer experience that consistently delivers our brand promise.

Accountability & Ownership

Acknowledge and assume responsibility for actions, services, decisions, and policies.

Employee Focus

Create an engaging and positive workplace that motivates employees to perform their best.

Governance and business ethics

Origo’s Board is committed to ensuring high standards of business ethics and strict adherence to policies and regulations. We ensure that these practices are seamlessly adopted across all locations and departments.

Origo Commodities has set up various committees to implement and monitor its policies.

Compensation Committee

This committee is responsible for developing compensation philosophy for the company. The committee analyzes and accordingly approves compensation plans for all employees.

Audit Committee

This committee provides oversight of the financial reporting process, audit process, and internal controls, and reviews OCI’s compliance with laws and regulations. It also provides independent advice to the board, thus playing a key role in the organization's governance structure.

Risk Management Committee

This committee assesses the overall Company’s risk profile and specific transaction risks in particular. It also examines and determines the sufficiency of the Company’s internal processes for reporting on and managing key risk areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

This committee helps the Company take up related activities through a registered trusts/ registered societies. The committee also facilitates setting up a monitoring and reporting system for utilization of funds in the best interest of society.

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