Since its inception, Origo has adopted a holistic approach in all its operations and has been constantly striving to enrich lives, livelihoods and the environment. Origo understands that every business operation, big or small, will leave an impact on the community, environment and the society at large. Therefore, we make sure that our work on the ground becomes an exemplary reflection of our strong values and social responsibility.

With a strong commitment to enhancing the agri-value chain, Origo aims to empower stakeholders through robust mechanisms, thereby contributing to inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Origo’s social focus

We endeavour to strengthen the agri-supply ecosystem by facilitating financial support, providing support infrastructure and other services. By promoting responsible utilization of resources, Origo aims to create a positive and lasting impact on society and environment for future generations.

We primarily focus on the following

Origo believes that farmers and traders are the lifelines of the agricultural economy. Ironically, the farming community is still struggling to secure dependable livelihoods. Therefore, Origo is committed to devising a support mechanism that will facilitate better income opportunities for farmers and empower them as decision makers.

In the absence of the right markets, farmers are often forced to give in to the pressures of distress selling. Through its various services, Origo is able to provide storage and financing to avoid distress selling and also mechanisms for best price discovery when the farmer decides to sell. This helps producers and other sellers make better decisions for their produce and boost their income. Also, Origo’s quality assaying services provide quality certification for the produce which helps the farming community secure better prices in the market.

Through Origo’s collateral management service, farmers and traders can easily secure loans against warehouse receipts. Warehouse receipts make them eligible to avail financial support from banks and NBFCs instead of borrowing money from the unorganized sector at extremely high rates.

The rural sector in India has immense potential. However, in the absence of streamlined livelihood earning opportunities, rural locals (especially youth) migrate to cities and towns. With its focus on the rural ecosystem, Origo is not only strengthening the livelihoods of the farming community and small traders, but also creating income opportunities for local youth.

Origo recruits local youth as part of their field teams.

About one-quarter of food emissions come from food that is never eaten. Of this 15% of the emissions are from food losses in the agri-supply chain. According to FAO, of all food categories, grains are the highest contributor to the carbon footprint.

Since its inception, Origo has been working to eliminate post-harvest losses. Through our focus on enhancing the value chain, timely procurement and logistics support, and scientific storage practices, Origo is effectively reducing commodity wastage and harmful carbon emissions. To date, we have reduced commodity wastage up to 3 million tonnes, effectively bringing down 2.3 mega tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Food insecurity is a major threat that haunts not only our country but the entire world. While food unavailability is the direct adverse impact of supply chain losses, this also affects productivity and the economy. Resources wastage in this process causes serious environmental damage.

Origo warehouses are equipped with scientific storage techniques, preserving food grains and other commodities in their best form. Regular stock checks, monitoring and quality audits ensure that food grains retain their best nutritional content, enabling the farming community to negotiate higher prices. Besides, by collaborating with the government and providing scientific storage facilities for agri-commodities, Origo is directly contributing to the Public Distribution System where government distributes food grains at affordable prices.

To date, Origo has reduced food losses by about 3 million tonnes through its scientific storage techniques. This has fed over a million additional people.

Our impact

Alignment with the SDGs

Origo is making sure that all its efforts are well aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through our operations and consistent work we aim to enhance rural lives, livelihoods and mitigate climate impact, thereby contributing to 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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