Trade Facilitation

Origo understands the importance of reducing the supply-demand gap and timely availability of trade finance in leveraging the true potential of our agricultural value chain. Origo’s TradeFi provides trade facilitation benefits to buyers as well as lenders.


TradeFi is an exclusive Trade Facilitation platform that is transforming traditional commodity trading to a new-age agri fintech model. It provides a robust platform for various participants in the agri-supply chain. This comes with the added security of physical commodities at Origo managed warehouses. TradeFi leverages a wider financing partner ecosystem beyond traditional channels, thereby creating access to quick, secure and low-cost capital.

TradeFi benefits

  • Best price discovery mechanism
  • Electronically Networked Participant across the country
  • Timely delivery of commodities
  • Reduced price volatility and wastage
  • Digital Payments
  • Transparent and Real-Time Information Exchange
  • Improved access to agri-finance
  • Enhanced agri-investment options

Get Blockchain Enabled, Real Time Information

TradeFi model is powered by blockchain that maintains the highest standards of transparency and security across all its operations. A distributed ledger technology that provides a shared record of transactions to all the participants in the system. Our system maintains the highest standards of security for all transactional details and related data.

TradeFi gives access to real-time information including inventory, prices, receivables, contracts, and other details. Through a blockchain-enabled mechanism, we ensure higher efficiency with enhanced data management, lower transaction cost, optimized logistics and better traceability.

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What we offer

Origo ensures cost-efficient procurement services across the country while meeting quality criteria and client specifications. Origo’s electronic auctions marketplace offers a wide network of buyers and suppliers in the agri-commodities space. Our custom-defined trade auction and settlement terms ensure quick turnaround, faster payment and no conflicts. Through Origo’s digital auction solution, you can significantly reduce supply chain costs and secure faster deliveries.

Through our trade finance service, buyers can purchase and store commodities without any additional financial liability on their balance sheets. TradeFi gives buyers off-balance sheet financing, improves cash flows, and allows buyers to hedge their costs by buying at today’s price. TradeFi secures buyers’ interest through smart contracts that ensure timely availability of produce at pre-decided rates.

With TradeFi, lenders and financial institutions get the best of agri-investment options, while maintaining the highest standards of security and transparency. Origo’s TradeFi plays a uniquely pivotal role in the post-harvest ecosystem by providing comprehensive and risk-free investment solutions.

TradeFi offers a range of financial instruments for lending institutions to participate in the platform.

  • Collateral-based pledge loans
  • Terms loans
  • Covered pledge loans
  • Non-convertible debentures
  • Covered bonds
  • Guarantees
  • Pass through certificates

Disclaimer: In compliance of SEBI and Exchange guidelines, Origo Commodities (I) Pvt. Ltd. does not offer Trade Financing services on Exchange traded commodities at MCXCCL accredited warehouses

Pass through certificate (PTC)

TradeFi’s PTC is A1 rated transaction that comes with the benefit of Electronic Negotiable Warehouse Receipt (e-nwr). The facility also allows trading through multiple buyers without the physical movement of commodities. This not only makes the process smooth and quick but also saves logistics costs.

Backed by Origo’s extensive outreach, TradeFi leverages a robust network for sellers and buyers. We get the best deals for buyers by exploring local markets across various states. This significantly lowers price volatility for buyers and also works as a better price discovery mechanism for sellers.

Through our market integration service, we strive to:

  • Reduce distress selling and storage in unhygienic conditions
  • Explore marketing opportunities beyond conventional geographies
  • Save time and resources

We offer efficient farm-gate procurement services for our clients. Our strong network and rich experience facilitate quick and easy identification of source points for procurement.

Through our direct procurement model, TradeFi reduces the number of intermediaries and minimizes supply chain costs, creating a win-win situation for buyers and sellers. Our services include bulk procurement, quality assurance and scientific warehousing.

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